Our Vision

At Wildlife Discovery Tours we are passionate and enthusiastic about the natural world and are just as passionate about revealing the natural world and its vast diversity to others.

OystercatchersOur vision is to explore landscapes and discover wildlife with like-minded people who want to go beyond the obvious and discover what makes landscapes, habitats and species work together (and why so often we don’t see this) and we describe this as ‘landscape scale wildlife guiding’. Through exploring and discovering the natural world we can not only enjoy it and revel in its beauty and appreciate its restorative power but we can also learn about how it works, how complex it is and how interdependent it is.

We want to compare and contrast, inspire, celebrate, enjoy and educate.

At the core of our approach is the exploration of ‘re-wilding’ and what this means for landscapes, habitats and species. How might it be applied, can there be degrees of ‘wildness’, what are the challenges and implications, what are the opportunities and benefits?

The ‘re-wilding’ ethos is at the heart of what we do but it does not dominate or overwhelm our individual tours rather it is the framework in which we deliver tours – whatever your views are on ’re-wilding’ our tours will always be an enjoyable and revealing exploration of our natural world.

lake-district-tour-guideWhat we do not focus on is running tours with the aim of seeing the longest list of species possible in the available time. We aim to give you a quality experience which provides you with the opportunity to discover a suite of species associated with habitats and landscapes, this is our passion and what makes us ‘tick’.

At Wildlife Discovery Tours we believe that by providing people with the opportunity to join a range of tours focusing on different landscapes, habitats and species in different locations you can, over time, experience an in-depth understanding and appreciation of our natural world.

Our vision and aim is to immerse you in the landscape, take you out of your ordinary, re-connect you with biodiversity and through the experience enable you to see the nature of Britain in a new way.