We aim to please with all of our Guided tours, here is a small sample of the comments from our customers.

Mark identified the many flowers, trees and other plants, the insects, the birds (their habits, flight and song), and indeed anything else of interest, so that a greater appreciation of the wildlife was achieved by everyone.

Mark has a natural gift for communication, and his warm, friendly, open attitude helped to enhance the experience. It was also fun, banter was abundant and all went home having had their knowledge enriched.


I have joined many of Mark’s guided country walks and have always been impressed by his knowledge of the entire natural environment. His infectious enthusiasm always keeps the group, whether young or old, fully engaged in the subject being discussed.

I had always enjoyed country walks in the past, but until I joined one of Mark’s guided tours, I simply hadn’t realised how many interesting things I’d been obliviously walking past.

Mark has that rare ability to inspire a whole group whether first-timers or seasoned ramblers. There’s no better way to appreciate the significance or history of a natural environment than having Mark as your guide.

Whether your interest lies in birdlife, wild plants, geology, insects, wildlife or simply the great outdoors, I can recommend Mark’s tours without reservation!”

Mark has built up an amazing knowledge of wildlife and the environment it lives in. He has an infectious enthusiam and uncovers all kind of delights like badger runs and bird calls. When walking with him through a landscape he makes it come alive through his real knack of seeing the small details of birds, animal, plants and insects and linking them to the wider environment.