Why us?

Why Wildlife Discovery Tours? We provide you with landscape scale wildlife tours.

image of wildlifeOur tours are not ‘tick list’ tours aiming to find as many species as possible in a day, rather we explore landscapes and habitats discovering and appreciating species throughout the seasons.

Wildlife Discovery Tour’s aim to connect you with the landscape by putting it into context locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

Species and habitats are revealed and discovered throughout the landscape both on a micro and macro scale.

Wild-AquilegiaWildlife Discovery Tour’s staff have worked in a broad range of conservation and land management roles which enables them to bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to each tour. Our staff have close links to a wide range of land management and conservation practitioners, academics and other professionals – we bring real insight in to landscape and conservation issues, challenges and opportunities.

By ‘Exploring Landscapes, Discovering Wildlife’ with Wildlife Discovery Tour’s you can enjoy the company of passionate, enthusiastic and knowledgeable people who really want to share the natural world with you.

Wildlife Discovery Tour’s provide a professional, informal and enjoyable landscape and wildlife discovery programme which can be enjoyed as a single, one-off experience or by making return bookings to explore the many elements that go to make our rich natural world.