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Mark Hewitt


Principle Guide

Mark Hewitt has over 25 years of experience in land management and natural history, including leading guided walks and presenting talks and workshops.

His background includes;

  • Working for the BBC as a Field Guide for the ‘Wild Wensleydale’ programme
  • Local Nature Reserve Manager
  • Wetland Project Field Manager
  • Botanical Surveyor
  • Natural England Conservation Officer
  • National Park Wildlife Conservation Officer
  • Ornithologist and Bird Ringer
  • Habitat Restoration Manager
  • Forestry and Woodland Management
  • Practical land management

Mark is passionate about landscapes and their associated wildlife and just as passionate about communicating his knowledge and love for the wild landscapes with others.

Wildlife Discovery Tours also use other highly skilled and experienced guides. Where other guides are involved with a tour we will include their profile with the tour details.

All guides bring passion, enthusiasm and knowledge to the tours they lead and we believe you will leave enthused and inspired by your tour experience.