Time to Explore Landscapes and Discover Wildlife

We have a great range of tours coming up over the months ahead. Following our ethos of exploring landscapes and discovering wildlife the tours will aim to reveal the habitats of the north of England and their associated species in such a way as to reveal the current special qualities of our landscapes and also to explore what ‘re-wilding’ may mean for these landscapes.

What we are doing this year is giving you the chance to discover a wide range of habitats but remember that the advertised dates are not the only opportunities for discoveing our wildlife if you have other dates or particular habitats/landscapes and species you are interested in then just get in touch and we will see what we can do.

As the weather warms up and the landscape changes into a more vibrant range of colours there really is no better way of experiencing it than by getting out on foot and enjoying relaxed walks to connect with our natural heritage.

For example Sand Martins have returned from their African wintering areas over the last few weeks and are busily creating new nesting areas in flood cleansed river banks and it is great to spend some time watching and listening to them. At the weekend I sat on the riverside and watched hundreds of them hawking over fields and along the river as well as excavating new nesting chambers and on a tree partially submerged in the river channel the birds were landing and excitedly preening – a fantastic experience just sitting quietly and watching these birds settling back in to their summer home.IMG_1723